How our manufactory design and works with handmade

Preparing the Hair

The wigmaker must first make sure that the individual hairs are lying in the same direction. This is done by holding a small bunch of hair in the hand, and rubbing the ends between the finger and thumb.

Making the Foundation

Springs sewn into the foundation at strategic locations will hold the completed¬†wig in place on the customer’s head. These devices, long, are often made from steel watch springs or elastic bands and are encased in galloon.

Preparing the Pattern

The wigmaker must note such information as any unusual shape of the head, the length and location of any desired parting of the hair, and the desired style of the hair on the finished wig.


When the wig is fully ventilated , it is removed from the wooden block and mounted wrong-side-out on a soft block made of canvas stuffed with sawdust. The inside surface of the wig is pressed with a heated iron to secure the knots.

Oluh Hair Introduction

Oluh Hair is a Wig Shop in Spring Valley, NY. We offer Wholesale Hair, Retail Hair, and much more! Welcome to Oluh Hair, the premier wig shop in Spring Valley, NY. Our 100% natural wigs will provide you with longer and fuller hair that is not only reliable and discreet but beautiful. Oluh Hair is the only 100% natural hair stone in all of Spring Valley and when you want hair that is thick, long and gorgeous, we provide the options and assistance you need. We carry natural colors (black, brown) as well as fun colors such as blue, purple, pink, red, and the crowd favorite, grey.



Although our wig caps are generally of medium size (54cm circumference), they have different characteristics.
Most importantly, we use high quality, hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on the skin. Covers must be lightweight, resistant and have a fair degree of elasticity.


Our hair experts take great care when assessing the thickness of each model (measured in how many grams of hair are used). The wig must be natural to the eye and comfortable to wear.


In most natural wigs hair are tied onto the cap. During this process we can give a precise direction to the hair, creating the wigs unique style. Being natural hair these can be blow dried to create movement and get the desired look.


The choice of hair type in a wig depends primarily on the length of the cut. Models with longer cut use hair with the cuticle intact or partially removed. Shorter hair models we prefer to use partially or completely removed cuticles. Our reasons for doing this are below.